domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 10 - by Carlos Briz

Class BR 80 locomotive - German State Railways)

When a guy thinks he has seen it all, then comes Carlos with a brand new angle for his dioramas!

(Class BR 01 locomotive - German State Railways)

Snow white looks really good.

(Class V36 locomotive - German State Railways)

And it is right here that this Locomotive Series enters the space age!

This diorama here really does not need to mention any class of locomotives. It is classy just by itself. 

I know you think I had forgoten all about the pending challenge (placed in the post of 27 November) but that is not true. I was giving the guys from Sympatico, Canada, a chance to make a thorough search in order to be able to place the correct answer to that very dificult question.
However, I am sorry to say that our tight time shedule is not compatible with more delays.
The correct answer would be "Léon Blum".
But all is not lost. There is now another chance for the guys in North America to show their history know-how.
This new challenge is directed to the guys from California, USA (hopefully they will have some time to spare from looking at all those California girls...).
The challenge is this: give us the names of 3 cientists that worked on the V1 and V2 rocket projects. 


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  1. A great series of posts which cover my two modelling loves - trains and rockets.


  2. I will have a go.
    scientists who worked on V1 and V2 included:
    Werner von Braun (of course),
    Magnus von Braun (above brother!),
    Walter Riedel,and
    Helmut Gröttrup are just a few.

    Peter H