quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

SOVIET INFANTRY 10/12mm - in What´s in the Box 2

Yes, it's true I bring you a new surprise in my box.

The Box
 Fresh from the painting stand I present you my Soviet Infantry [they belong to my URSS army (Inf Coys) that I use with the Ambush Blitz rules set]. They are eager to face  their opponents.

Russian Infantry (29 bases)
Riflemen (from Pendraken and WGS)

Normal Infantry Coy (Ambush Blitz rules)

Support Weapons (Maxims and AT Rifles)

Naval Infantry

Soviet razvedchik scout and sniper
Nice work indeed, it covers a wide range of services and types of infantry, but I have to be honest - it was not me who painted them but my very good friend JPeixoto from Coimbra , the same who painted my Sassanid army some time ago  (you may see his excellent work on his blog - see the link below at jp wargaming place).

I don´t have a good camera so the images do not reflect the true quality of his work, however I must take this opportunity  to publicly thank his help in painting my army since I didn´t have the time to finish this project, that was to be used in a previous AB Campaign/tournment.

segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 20 - by Carlos Briz

(Class 4-4-0 locomotive - Railway Operation Division)

Carlos is on a roll, concerning WWI dioramas!
Here you have another trio of great dios with everything you would expect to find in a WWI scenario (bad odors excluded...)

The S.E. 5 biplane was a late comer to this war and was not appealing to most pilots in the beginning

(Class 231 locomotive - United States Transportation Corps)

The FT 17 tank introduced an armoured light cavalry component late in the war, that paved the way for the further developments made by the Germans in the beginning of WWII

(Class Gt2 4x4 locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

The Sturmpanzerwagen called for a crew of 18 guys, was slow and had a very bad terrain crossing ability

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War series nº 19 - by Carlos Briz

(Class 130 locomotive - US Transportation Corps)

I must warn you of one thing: Carlos is not happy.
He has been following with keen interest the votes you have been placing in our current poll, and it seems he is not happy with the fact that until today only 19 votes have been placed. 
As you know, the current poll is related to this fine and skilled modeler, giving you guys the opportunity to say (hopefully...) good things about him and showing your appreciation for all the work he has been doing here.

(Class 2-2-1 locomotive - Russian Imperial Railways)

Just a brief note: this one is simply rated as "outstanding", in my book...

(Class P8 locomotive - Württemberg State Railways)

Resuming my monologue: therefore, I ask you to consider if you really want to risk upsetting our friend Carlos, by the way of not voting in our current poll.

I mean: where else will you find a diorama related to the State of Württemberg?

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011


A Brigada Tripeira vai uma vez mais participar na exposição de modelismo Portuscala e nesse âmbito irá, como habitualmente, efectuar alguns jogos de demonstração.
Apareçam e participem.

Alguns links de interesse relacionados com o evento:


WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 18 - by Carlos Briz

(Class Gt 2x4/4 locomotive - Prussian State Railways)

That Rumpler C.IV over there is blue or purple? 
Whatever the color, this German reconnaisance biplane had a  good performance throughout the war, and was hard to reach when cruising high above the battlefield.

(Class P 8 locomotive - Prussian State Railways)

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 17 - by Carlos Briz

(Class K.Bay.Sts.B locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

One of the few colourful aspects of WWI was provided by the airforce of the nations involved, and here you have several examples of just that. 

(Class K.Bay.Sts.B locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

(Class PLM locomotive - French Northern Region Railways)

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 30 - by Carlos Briz (Pithead Collection)

(Class P8 locomotive - Finnish State Railways)

Let's return to WWI and to Finland this time, the place where summer lasts a full week
(with luck...).

The hardy Finns managed to make ends meet by using captured Soviet war material, together with war supplies from all over the world. 
However, it seems the Hurricane was not the best buy.

(Class P8 locomotive - Finnish State Railways)

The KV1 was awsome, by any standard. 
They made a "shock and awe" impression on the Wermacht, when the landsers met them on the battlefield.
And I guess the Finns much appreciated Soviet generosity, when they managed to get their hands on some of them.

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 16 - by Carlos Briz

(Class P8 locomotive - Austro-Hungarian State Railways)

(Class Gt2 4/4 locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

The 75 mm Minenwerfer (mine-thrower or mortar) was one of the sucessfull tools used in trench warfare (if you consider something that kills as many guys as possible in a confined space a sucessfull thing...)

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro