segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (5)

It is done!

Check out how the Soviet farm that ML has been working on turned out.

This dio can turn out to be a perfect environment for a few infantry skirmishes...

A perfect bird's eye view of the complet dio.

Before Operation Citadel maybe there were still a few little cottages like these in the Soviet countryside, in and around Kursk. Afterwards, maybe not.

The security breach was one of the main factors behind the failure of this huge German offensive.

The Soviets knew full well (from Lucy spy ring, among others) where and when the offensive was taking place and made the necessary preparations to give a warm welcome to the German armoured forces, namely in the form of a defensive line more than 200 km deep.

That is just about the width of Portugal, by the way...

The vaunted SS panzer divisions saw their zenith in the south flank of this offensive.

After that they thought they could die in peace. 

And they did. 

Die, that is - I don't know about the "peace" part.

Great job as usual ML!

Just remember you cannot rest on your laurels.

There are hundreds of guys all over the world who are thirsting for more stuff from you and CB!

(I just wished there were more girls interested in this stuff...)


sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

100.000 Page views!

He made me do it!

That's right guys, it's JF's fault (again...).

I just did not want to bother you with the usual  "thank you" post, usually associated  to the achievement a round number of any sort in the blogging business. 
However, JF just did not stop nagging me about it, saying I had to place a post related to the number of page views we recently had over here - 100.000.

What is the big deal, anyway?

 100.000 page views in over 2 years? 

The guys at Amazon get that in just a couple of days!

I tryed to resist all I could but in the end JF resorted to a very low trick: he promised to assemble and paint a 1/72 model of my choice if I placed this post. How can a guy resist that?

Well, here you have it. The 100.000 page views celebration post!

By the way, It's great to have you guys drop by once in a while and take a look at all the stuff we place here.

We hope you continue to enjoy it, since we sure enjoy doing this!


terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

Spanish Civil War Exhibition - by Carlos Briz

Ok, now we know why CB has been missing his delivery schedule - modelling wise.

He has been working very hard on a thematic exhibition related to the Spanish Civil War, that is taking place in a great wargaming and modelling store located in Lisbon: Quitécnica

This is and always must be an important side to wargaming and modelling: making a contribution to the disclosure and preservation of historical heritages.

As we all know by now, CB devotes a lot of time and effort to this activity, and here we have him in the act of allowing public acess to some of his outstanding dios. 

Great dios coupled with great historic propaganda posters from the SCW.

What more can a guy ask?

Is there any modeller/wargamer out there who can do without a lot of good historic books?

I do not think so...

CB is very thorough when it comes to the historic accuracy of the locomotives, figures, buildings, and models portrayed in his dios - as any modeller who truly knows and enjoys his "business" should be.

Ok CB: this one gave you a lot of "points" and now you and ML are tied again in the current competition.

Therefore, in any of you guys wants to get another advantage you should keep up the good work and send us some more goodies a.s.a.p.!

The final prize will be worth it!

(Prize? Did I really say "prize"?)


segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (4)

Nope, it's not quite finished guys...

We bring you a few more close-ups of ML's current dio, but that is all.

And here you have a glimpse of a new project in the making...

A charred country house - a familiar sight in the Soviet Union's countryside, during WWII.

Part of another (paper) brigde.

Do you notice the aging & weathering of that ZIS truck over there? 

I just love mud on a miniature model!

ML's dry brush technique blows your mind away!

Do you want more outstanding 1/144 scale, scratchbuilt paper models?

In that case you just have to stay stunned to the BT modelling and wargaming channel!

By the way CB: ML is already a few points ahead of you in the current competition.

You really have to pick up the pace, or else...


quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (3)

Is this for real?

Yes it is guys. 

I know some of you had doubts regarding ML's work. 

Questions like "is that really paper based stuff?" or "scratchbuilt? no way!" must have been common.

But now ML is going to turn all of you into believers! 

Just check out the next set of the big Kursk diorama ML is working on!

As you can see, this new dio is meant to be a sequel of the previous one we showed you here before.

The fence: made of paper. The sheds: made of paper. The boxes: made of paper. The well: made of paper.

I'm sure glad we were able of offer ML a truck load of paper just recently...

Yes, even the wheels are paper based!

Somebody left his (paper) trousers hanging out to dry in there...

The base for a paper tree?

I know for a fact that ML has been working every night in order to be able to finish all this wonderful artwork.

ML is really taking this competition thing with CB very seriously...

There is more of this coming up soon. 

However, only those of you who will be able to attend the "Kursk Campaign 2012" tournament, that is scheduled for Espinho in September, will be fortunate enough to be able to glance and use this and many other outstanding dios in the course of a wargame.

Do not miss out on this great event!


terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 38 - by Carlos Briz

(Class BR 65 locomotive - German State Railways)

I figure there is a competition going on over here!

Carlos does not want people to think that ML is the only guy who can stay awake all night, producing outstanding dios.

My guess is that he is thinking he can do the same thing or even better!

Well, alI I can say is I will wait and see which one of you guys sends more great pics and only then will I let you know my  opinion...

The Wiberlwind looked good and was even very effective as a close support weapon for the infantry, when necessary.

(Class Mikado 141 1-4-1 locomotive - French National Railways)

This dio here represents an attack by the French Resistance against German critical war supplies.

There were many brave French men and women that sacrificed a lot during the German occupation period, in the name of freedom, but there was also a large majority of the population that accepted the status quo.

However, in the end of the war almost everybody claimed to be a maquisard...

By the way, for months now that JF has been thinking of a proper nickname to give Carlos, since every BT member has one.

The problem was that he just couldn't make up his mind, since he wanted to think of something original and unique.

But the only thing he could think of was "CB".

Well CB, this is your brand new nickname. 

It is not very original, but this is what came out of JF's meditation.

Everybody knows that cops do not have that much imagination...


sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

12th Napier's Foot - Seven Years War - II

Como referi anteriormente, o meu projecto da Guerra dos Sete Anos, progride lentamente.
Depois de pintar estas sete bases do 12º Regimento de Infantaria britânico, protagonista na Batalha de Minden em 1 de Agosto de 1759 e na Batalha de Vellinghausen em 16 de Julho de 1761 ao lado do Marquês de Granby, irei avançar com a pintura das unidades de cavalaria, que irão representar o "10th Dragoons".

As mentioned before, my project of the Seven Years War, progresses slowly.
After painting these seven bases of the British "12th Regiment of Foot" protagonists in the Battle of Minden on 1th August 1759 and the Battle of Vellinghausen on 16th July 1761 next to the Marquis of Granby, I will proceed with the painting of the cavalry units, who will represent the "10th Dragoons. "


sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

12th Napier's Foot - Seven Years War

Recuperação de um projecto de pintura, que abrange desta vez o Século XVIII, mais propriamente as unidades que participaram na Batalha de Minden no ano de 1759.
Esta é a 1ª base realizada com esse propósito e representa o Batalhão Britânico, 12th Napier's Foot.
As figuras são em 10mm da Pendraken.

Recovering a painting project, this time covering the XVIII century, more specifically the units that participated in the Battle of Minden in 1759.
This is the 1st base held for this purpose and represents the British Battalion, 12th Napier's Foot.
The figures are in 10mm Pendraken.