segunda-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2017

WWI German Tank A7V & Mark IV Beutepanzer - by Carlos Briz

Tanks & Figures - Pendraken
1/600 Tanks & Planes - Oddzial Osmy by Figthing 15's

sábado, 9 de dezembro de 2017

WWI Type UB I Coastal Submarine - by Carlos Briz

quinta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2017

WWI - Locomotives at War by Carlos Briz

Front scene
Figures and vehicles - Pendraken
Nissen hut and barracks - Peedie Models

Back scene
Tanks and trees - 1/600 Oddzial Osmy by Fighting 15's
Trains - 1/600 Heroics and Ros

Minerva Armored Car

Vehicles and Figures - Van Dyck Models Figurines
House - Timecast


domingo, 12 de novembro de 2017

InvictaCon 2017 - Photo Report

A great gaming day, the biggest Brigada Tripeira official team and friends in a public event, ever.

Setting the gaming tables

A bit of chat among friends!

Games in action.

Battlegroup Table

Harold, the Canadian Sniper.

Big Battle.

Plaiyng with an former DBA European and National Champion.

an interesting game.

a freezing game.

Rogue Stars

Star Wars.

Walking Dead,
so hardcore!

Many thanks to
Boardgamers Porto
and to
Deep Cut Studio for the DBA and Infinity gaming mats.

See you 
next year.