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GTS-2015 (May 16-17)

Hi guys

Again the "Brigada Tripeira", after the journey to Salute 2015 (London), will also be at GTS-2015 at Coimbra city! And of course, we'll do another "Battlegroup" demo game... and a few other things!

The GTS ('Grande Torneio do Sul') is an annual miniature gaming meet-up, which is going to be held in Coimbra (Portugal) in May 16th/17th 2015. With more than 10 previous editions, this event joins up to 50-100 people national-wide.
For the first time, Coimbra will organise this event and will offer the participants a chance to play and try-out a set of different miniature games. It takes place in Escola Secundária José Falcão during the weekend, and has the support of multiple partners, from stores to local groups.

The aim of this event is to join, in one place, all the miniature wargaming players and collectors around the country, as well as attract new people to this hobby. This is a great way of meeting old friends, making new ones while having a great time.

The main events of GTS 2015, includes 4 different tournaments and a set of side-events including demos, show-cases, and an after-party.

Register now for free: http://gtscoimbra2015.wix.com/gtscoimbra2015

Join us!!


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