domingo, 4 de maio de 2014

Battlegroup Action!

JMM came to town!

Here you have some of the guys from the BT wargames group, meeting for a "slug-fest", at Marsigor, since JMM arrived in the northern hemisphere and was very eager to organize a "combat reunion".

JF (left) and PC (right) obvioulsly agreed to that, but became very suspicious, since when JMM was very eager like that, things usually became very agitated real fast...

And here you have him: JMM himself!

He is bending over to get a better view of the line of fire of his troops, since this guy does not like to miss an inch...

And, as expected, very soon there was crossfire everywhere, since JMM started a heated argument with JF because of one of the rules of engagment, since he simply did not want to lose one of him tanks...

Here you have JF saying to PC: "I knew it! I knew it!, JMM is always trying to invent new rules when he comes over!"

PC, who is a very calm guy and never argues with JMM about anything, just said: "never mind, let's just let him win the game, and then he will be happy..."

All these pics are a courtesy of Mr. Simão, from Marsigor

Great close-up of a Panther tank (JF courtesy)

Another pic of a new model, recently painted by (who else...) JF.

By the way JF, do not forget to finish painting all the necessary armies to play Impetus real soon, since all the guys, like myself, are eager to start playing those rules!

And stop complaining about all the work we give you, since you, as a civil servant, have always plenty of time to spare...