quinta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2013

Orange Scenics Artwork (20mm cardboard buildings) - by Mário Laranja

Ok, this time it is all my fault!

That's right, JF has been nagging me for weeks now, trying to convince me to scribble out a few words in this post, but to no avail, since I've been really busy at work and I just could not bring myself around to it.

Sorry dude!

But since today it's PAYDAY, I am a little more cheerful!

Not that we (the portuguese) have many reasons to be cheerful about, since there seems to be a conspiracy around to deprive us of all our hard earned cash, with all those new taxes that seem to spring out of the blue nearly every day.

As we can see, ML is a guy that is always happy with the world, since he always brings out something great for us to check out!

That's right guys, this is all made of that versatile material that is in every guy's reach: paper.

I have a lot of surplus paper around my office ML, so be sure to drop by in case you need some raw material.

Where is the infantry, this time?

Oh, I see, they must be INSIDE the buildings...

This is another great job ML!

Do not forget to check out his outstanding website!

There you can see all the things you would like to be able to do, but that you can only reach with a wallet in you hand...or a credit card.


quarta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 72 - by Carlos Briz

(Class GR.880 locomotive - Italian State Railways)

Holy Canoly!

What is the matter with you CB? 

Do you want to give us guys a heart attack or something?

Will you just CHECK-THIS-OUT!

I will never guess how you managed to balance that whole structure and I am sure everybody wants to know from WHERE that model came from...and do not tell me it's a paper model made by our friend ML...

This Italian landscape is a perfect setting for a coal mine.

From now on, I love coal mines...

When all you guys out there thought CB could not surprise you anymore, he brings another modelling masterpiece.

Well done CB!