sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Carlos Briz "Man Cave" - Part 3

Well, here I am, breaking my pledge related to not placing any more pics from Carlos's very own man cave.

In my defense I have to say that JF twisted my arm into doing this and since he also promised to paint me a brand new 1/72 scale roman DBA army, here they are.

JF: that was what you promised, right?

We needed to be there a full week, just to check out the details of all the great dios laying around.

Next time we will bring our sleeping bags...

Here we can see a somewhat puzzled PC, who does not quite understand how a guy can paint and assemble so much stuff within a limited lifespan.

By the way, PC is a guy who has not painted a piece of shrapnel in more than two years... 

As you can see, Carlos cannot complain since he still has some available shelf space to place more dios.

By the way Carlos, we have been there more than two weeks ago, and you still have not sent us any new pics.

WHAT are you waiting for? 


segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Carlos Briz "Man Cave" - Part 2

Here we are again, with another report related to Carlos Briz "Man Cave".

Nope, it´s not Carlos you can see in the pic above, it's a guy we picked up in Coimbra on our way to Lisbon, AKA JP.
JP is not a wargamer by nature (whatever that means...), but enjoys going with us to tournaments and we sure enjoy his company.
This is a guy who also has outstanding habilities where miniature modelling is concerned, and maybe one of these days he will let us publish some pics from his private "Man Cave" - I can garantee you will like that. 

Here you have a few close-ups of Carlos's stuff.

Here you have Carlos on the left and PC on the right.

From left to right, here we have: JF, PC, Carlos and Peixoto.
JMM is behind the camera - you can guess this by the poor quality of this pic...

Same guys, diferente the way, what position is that JP?

Carlos workbench (again...)

Enough is enough!

No more goodies from Carlos "Man Cave" or else we will run out of all the available space around here, and we have to save some of it for JP's very own "Man Cave"!


sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011


Here we have PC and JMM.

JMM, in his usual style, is complaining that the hexes on his wargames table are bigger than those in the other guys tables...what an imagination.

This is the Italian army JMM brought to the tournament 
(Divisione Fanteria Motorizzata 101 "Trieste")

We all agreed that JMM had some of the best good looking stuff around the tables. 
Who could have guessed that a painting nerd could turn into a master!
Avanti Afrika!

This is the army used by JF 
(7th Armoured Division)

This is table nº 2, where my DAK forces (15th Panzer Division) kicked the "dust" off Jerboa's forces.

These were all JMM's models, who painted and completed this army and then borrowed it to me, to allow my participation in the tournament.
Thanks again for this, dude!

Here we have Vitor Hugo and Miguel Santos exchanging "friendly fire" on table nº 4.

PC is enjoying an overview over one of the battlefields

Rules book, dice, figures, terrain, wargaming board: these are all the ingredients a guy needs to enjoy a perfect day!

We want to thank once again Jerboa and all our southern friends for a great event. It was a "satisfaction garanteed" kind of thing and you guys can always count on us to show up on your doorstep when you organize something like this.

The Ambush Blitz rules set are perfect for a tournament environment, allowing smooth and fast games, where a guy can practice his wargames tactical hability (or lack of it...) and have a good time.


quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

Carlos Briz "Man Cave" - Part 1

That's right guys, we were THERE!

After the tournament we participated in Lisbon, we went to Carlos's place near Palmela, to see for ourselves if the stories we had heard we really true.

And they were!

This is the place where Carlos keeps all his wonderful art-work.

There is a never ending number of shelves full of outstanding items.

As you can notice, everywhere you look there is something that makes your mouth open wide...

As could be expected, the railroad dioramas were large and very impressive.

This is the place where the master modeller works, all clean and neat.

There is more of this coming up soon!


quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011


Here we are with the report you have been all waiting for!

Once again, the guys from the Brigada Tripeira combat team drove more than 300 km, through thick and thin, in order to participate in another Ambush Blitz tournament, organized by our good friends in Lisbon.
In the pic above you can see PC and JMM warming up their die rolls!

Aqui está a reportagem que todos esperavam ansiosamente!

Mais uma vez, os tipos da equipa de combate da Brigada Tripeira viajaram mais de 300 km, ida e volta, para participar em mais um evento de Ambush Blitz, organizado pelos nossos amigos de Lisboa.
Na foto acima podem ver o PC e o JMM a aquecerem os dados!

Here you can see JMM looking directly at the camera.
This guy must think he has photogenic skills or something...

Aqui podem ver o JMM a olhar fixamente para a câmara.
Este tipo pensa que é muito fotogénico ou coisa que o valha...

Here is Vitor Hugo, using his hand to better "feel" the terrain...

Aqui o Vitor Hugo utiliza a mão para 'apalpar' o terreno...

JF over here is already smilling in anticipation, guessing his armoured units from the "Desert Rats" are ready to take on anything the "Afrika Korps" can throw at them!

O JF já sorri em antecipação, adivinhando o que as suas unidades blindadas dos "Ratos do Deserto" em estado de prontidão, vão aguentar com tudo o que o "Afrika Korps" tem para lhes atirar!

A blurry pic of Jerboa.
This pic is pretty accurate, since this guy was constantly on the move, playing with one hand and clearing doubts about the rules to the other guys...with the other. 

Uma foto algo desfocada do Jerboa.
Esta foto é bastante elucidativa, já que este indivíduo estava em constante movimento, jogando por um lado e clarificando as dúvidas acerca das regras pelos jogadores.

Here he is again, the electric man...

Aqui está ele de novo, o homem eléctrico...

Here we have the rightful winner of the tournament, Miguel Santos!

Aqui, o justo vencedor do torneio, Miguel Santos!

This year we agreed between ourselves it would be better to let someone from Lisbon win this tournament, since otherwise we could run the risk of never be invited to participate in it anymore...
There will be a few more pics of this event later on, with close-ups of the tables and models.

Este ano, acordamos  que seria melhor deixar que alguém de Lisboa ganhasse este torneio, já que corremos o risco de nunca mais sermos convidados em participar...
Irão ser colocadas mais tarde, mais fotos do evento, com fotos mais detalhadas das mesas de jogo e dos modelos utilizados.