sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Greek Hoplite and Classic Roman for AWE - Ancient Wargames Rules

I now present some figures, in this case the bases that represent the commands (Generals), used to play the Ancient or Classic períod, using the AWE rules - Arcane Warfare Excel or ABC rules -Arcane Battle Composer.
A project that has undergone several changes in order to achieve a simulation as close as possible to the historical reality.The balance of this simulation with the competitive aspect, it has been by no means an easy task for the author, Jerboa.However I leave here my thanks to the author of AWE, the fact that I have presented to this new game system, which seems to fill some gaps in other game systems, which are used globally.
More info:

 Greek Hoplite General
Xyston Miniatures 15mm
 Homemade decals
 Classic Roman General
Corvus Belli miniatures - 15mm
 Again homemade shield decals

Litkos bases

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