segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 83 - by Carlos Briz

Vehicles - Gramodels
Figures - Pendraken
 Plane - 1/144 F-Toys Heavy Bomber Collection
(Class 440 locomotive - Great Western Railways)

The heavies are here!

My guess is that this is one of the few dios from CB that brings us a English landscape...but with a lot of concret in it.

Where are all the trees and grass CB??

The Avro Lencaster was the very first model bomber that I bought and assembled (that took place, I think, in the late XX century...) and it still remains my favourite WWII heavy bomber to this day.

The most sucessfull (in my book...) operation from this piece of hardware took place in Holland, in April and May 1945, when more than 3.000 airplanes flew thousands of sorties, in order to drop much needed supplies to the civilian population (operations "manna" and "chowhound"), and some crews were lost in the process.

Here is the link of the site where you can find that nice railway wagon with the propellers:


quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 82 - by Carlos Briz

Planes - Gold Series from Peters Planes
Vehicles - Pithead
Figures - Pendraken.

(Class BR 52 locomotive - German State Railways)

Well, well, after a "long time no see" kind-a-thing, CB decided to sent us 4 dios, mixing several historical periods.

The downside of it is that he sent us only 1 pic of each dio.

He must be saving on the pixels, or something...

The first dio is simply georgeous, a real white (war) symphony (whatever that means...)

(Class 4021 locomotive - Madrid-Saragoza-Alicante Railways)

"The rain is Spain stays mainly in the plain"...I think that was how My Fair Lady said it. 
However, some snow could be added to the rhyme too, coupled with a few tanks and airplanes, during the Spanish Civil War.

(Class BR 52 locomotive - USSR State Railways)

Here we have a seaplane docked in a Mother Russia's river. 

(Class Alco PA-1 locomotive - Argentina Railways)

Jumping from a WWII dio to a Argentina 1956 dio - Any problem with that?

No problem at all in my book, since it is just another place, in another time, when men resorted to armed force to solve issues: same old, same old...


sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

Espimodel 2013 - Photo Report

(entrance to the Espimodel 2013 modelling eventin Espinho-Portugal)

Once again, we had a bright and sunny day during this anual event. This is always a good thing, since this encourages the local girls to go out on the street with minimum clothing... 

Carlos Briz also came up north, to attend this event, and it sure was nice to see him again!

(General view of the show room)
Check out the models on display:

Check out some of the dios that Carlos Briz brought to this event 
(they will soon show up here, with greater detail)

(In the pic above we have JF explaning the rules to a new guy)

As usual, the Brigada Tripeira dream team came up for some wargaming, with the Battlegroup rules.

(In the pic above we have JF on the far left and CB on the far right)

Also as usual, it was JF that brought every single piece of the material necessary to assemble the table/scenario and play the game. 

This guy is a hero!

More people joined to watch Brigada Tripeira guys playing the die, in this case PC is throwing an fire dice!

General view of the table (1,50m x x1,20m) for a 375 Pts game.

This is the German entry side (right corner).

The British entry side (right corner)

The British units.

The German units.

PC is moving is Tiger against a daring Sherman! Damn you!!

Carlos Briz with Pikapedra Staff (a Brigada Tripeira supporter).
- Pedro Santiago - Carlos Briz - Sara Alves -

- Pedro Santiago - Carlos Briz - Jorge Faria -

Thanks for Núcleo de Modelismo de Espinho for the great welcoming to Brigada Tripeira and for the invitation to participate in this event.


domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Mais uma vez, a Brigada Tripeira vai estar presente na Espimodel, como forma de promover os jogos de simulação histórica.

Vai apresentar pela primeira vez num evento do género, as regras de jogo "Battlegroup Overlod"  que abrangem a 2ª Guerra Mundial, mais própriamente a Batalha da Normandia.

A nossa participação no certame será no próximo Sábado (7 de Setembro), a partir das 10 horas.

Contamos convosco!

Mais informação relativa à Espimodel, em: 

A Brigada Tripeira