segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 77 - by Carlos Briz

Vehicles & Figures - Bend Sinister
Airplane - F-toys

(Class Ok1 locomotive - Polish State Railways)


That's right, the Poles threw everything they had against the Germans in 1939, but to no avail.

Poland was one of the testing grounds for the Blitzkrieg, that brought a brand new concept to european battlefields, where raw courage was simply not enough to get things done.

A PZL.37 Bomber Brigade was deployed in improvised airfields, in country areas, to avoid being blown up while parked in the well known airfields.

The end result was they were blown up while flying...

The Polish light tank 7-TP was in many ways superior to the Panzers I and II, but there simply not enough of them to go around. 

And even if there were, the Poles did not have the proper armoured doctrine to handle them against the Germans, as the French (who had more and better armoured units than the Germans) would soon find out.


sexta-feira, 19 de abril de 2013

Locomotives & War Series - Cold War - by Carlos Briz

From the beaches of Normandy, to the Cuban Missile Crisis!

Well, not quite, since that crisis only ocurred in October 1962, and this dio over here is dated from 1961...

The "crisis" CB wants to picture here was related to the ill-planned invasion of Cuba, that resulted in a major defeat of the invading force.

The Cubans did not mind mixing US airpower with Soviet armour in those days.

My guess is that those palm trees over there are remnants of the set CB received from a few months ago...

sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 76 - by Carlos Briz

Vehicles & Figures - Pendraken

SANTA is here!

Nope, this is not the Santa you are used to, that goes by the name of Claus. 

It's the other one, that goes by the name of Briz, the guy who brings us a modelling gift almost every week.


Over here you have something that most of you has never seen before: a place where a railroad track starts right on the beach.

This dio over here has a landing craft for almost every taste.

These flat-bottomed vessels were widely used by the allied forces during WWII, mainly in the Pacific and during the last stages of the war, as a means of delivering large amounts of troops and hardware in ususpected places.

This is an AWSOME dio CB!