sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010

The "Best General" poll (4)

(Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson)

"There is Jackson standing like a stone wall" - are these inspiring words or what?
They were first heared on July 21, 1861, during the battle of First Bull Run or First Manassas, earning Jackson his well deserved nickname.
And now, while reading these words again, you have a chance to make a difference and prove if Jackson was really the best general of the ACW, by voting in the outstanding new poll we recently started!

(Robert E. Lee)

Behind the mild mannered gentleman outlook existed a strong willed and daring tactician.
With his tough, although often outnumbered and under equipped, Army of Northern Virginia Lee managed time and again to outmaneuver the Union Army and win against all odds.
However, will he be tough enough to win this poll?


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