sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2015

Salute is Jumping as the Crowds Swell - Time Lapse

There's A Blitzkrieg Incoming!

Salute 2015 Setup Time Lapse

quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2015

British Rail Gun - Pendraken Miniatures

One of the minis acquired (Among many others!) from Pendraken by Carlos Briz in Salute 2015.

Figures and vehicles (some recycled) - Pendraken
Buildings - Timecast
HMS Queen Elizabeth - 1/700 Trumpeter

The reduced scale of the boat, simulates the offshore view.


terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2015

Brigada Tripeira at Salute 2015 - Photo report

The Brigada Tripeira went to Salute 2015.
A trip to the fantastic world of wargames.
It was good to review old friends and meet some in person, known to the virtual world of internet.
A fantastic show, and very participated. Amazing demo tables, scenarios out of this world and many traders to spend money.

Conclusion: next year we are there again! Oh yeah!!

The day before Salute! An London tour.
Imperial War Museun entrance

This is what you see!! A V2 rocket and fighters hanging on the ceiling!!

Another general view.

Next visit: HMS Belfast.

Just to prove I was there!!

The rest of the "entourage" was also there. 

At Salute 2015
Salute entrance, here we go!!

We enter at last, after a long waiting, our first Salute.

The Storm Troopers are checking on us... I'm very afraid ;-)

An "WOW" game!

The Battlegroup demo table. One of our Salute objectives.

JF with Warwick and Piers, after signing our Blitzkrieg" books.
Miguel (the guy who took the blurry photo), was so excited about the show that even trembled with excitement.

The farewell

After an exhausting day, a well-deserved cold pint in a London pub. 

See you next year (Stansted airport)!