quarta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2010

The Arab-Israeli Wars & Locomotives Series nº 1

(Class S-2 locomotive - Israel Railways)

And here comes another brand new Locomotive Series!
Tell me the truth: you thought Carlos had run out of ideas in this regard, didn't you?
Well, guess again, since in the next few days not one, but TWO more brand new Series are likely to appear around here.
You just wait and see!

(Class GP-9 locomotive - Israel Railways)
Leftovers from WWII?
The famous Israeli ingenuity could transform just about any piece of scrap metal into a operational fighting vehicle.

I have been thinking to myself and my guess is that Santa Claus is not the only guy that has a bunch of elves giving him a hand.
Carlos is sure to have at least a couple of them around his work bench - how else can a guy explain this kind of modelling output?


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