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WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 39 - by Carlos Briz

(Class SU 1-3-1 locomotive - USSR State Railways)

From Chechnya to the far north, CB brings us to that beautiful and cold country: Finland!

Besides breathtaking landscapes, Finnish girls are undoubtlebly rated among the nicest features that country has to offer (so they say...)

The hardy Finns defied all the odds and managed to resist the human and mechanised power of the Soviet juggernaut during the Winter War and later during the Continuation War.

Theirs was a moral, strategic and political victory, since Finland managed to retain its sovereinty, inspite of the harsh terms of the Moscow and Paris peace treaties.

(Class C50 locomotive - Japan National Railways)

From the cold to the monsoon!

Check out the two outstanding boats CB placed in this dio, besides all else.

The Japanese had great torpedoes (Type 93 torpedo, know as the Long Lance) but they never really managed to keep up with the master handling of torpedo boats acheived by the Americans. 

The American PT torpedo boats zoomed like wasps around the Japanese fleet and scored many sucessfull hits during the Pacific War.

By the way ML, CB is gaining on you...


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