quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

Scratchbuilt wargames terrain - by Mário Laranja (Part 1)

And now ML is making a few more contributions to the world wide addiction of wargamers: 

Wargames terrain!
(1/144 scale)

The first pic reveals the quality of the material used by ML.

The bridge is so well built that it can even take on a Panther!

The Panther was not made to stand in a dug out and wait for enemy armour to arrive.

There must be only one explanation for this: hundreds of roaming T-34's!

And now you can see how a Panther deals with a threat of hundreds of roaming Shermans.

It places itself on the top of a hill in order to have a better field of fire...

After a great post placed by JMM, related to his Tachanka, ML bring us yet another great example of his artwork with this outstanding wargames material.

My guess is that in the tournament we have sheduled for September in Espinho we will only have time to check out all the goodies lying around in the wargames tables.


3 comentários:

  1. Excelente cenário ML.
    As tonalidades de cores estão soberbas.
    Que material usás-te para fazer a aguá, e para os tufos de ervas?

    1. Para fazer a água, simplesmente pintei o fundo com verde antigo e apliquei uma mistura de cola e água (70-30)por cima.
      Os tufos de erva, utilizei fio de cisal desfiado e pintado.

    2. Não pensei que fosse material tão simples e acessivel.
      Obrigado pela resposta.