quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Guess what is in the Box (2)

After numerous solicitations I’m obliged to anticipate my post “Guess what is in the box (2)”

But, my friends, before I uncover the mystery, in conscience, I must say the following: there are some persons who are born with a special gift and others who in spite of their efforts cannot achieve “the highlights”. I belong to the second category but I’m fortunate enough to know and have some very good friends in the first one. You will understand better what I mean when you look to the pictures below, regarding my new “Sassanids Persians army”.

They are all from AB Figures, in 15 mm, with the exception of the two small (round) command bases, who were made from 4 WW I figures (Irregular), altered with greenstuff. My Sassanids are/were intended to be used with Arcane Battle Composer (ABC) Rules 2500 BC- 1345 AD, by Jerboa.
Sassanids in the box

The Camp

The command bases

Sassanid Clibanarius

Sassanid Cataphrat


My Sassanid army

 Whow, Ahh… yes, you can all close your mouths, I agree with you, spectacular,….., and I have to say that all the 37 bases - 22 (cavalry bases) , 6 (foot archers), 3 (command bases) and the camp (with 4 bases) were all made in about 7 days (a simple week).

And now the most important information, who is the author, creator, painter of this outstanding work, he is no other than the great, the master J PEIXOTO. (by the way the personalized box was also is work).



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  1. Há g---- muito apressados, ainda não passou uma semana desde que coloquei a primeira posta e já estão a reclamar e querem uma resposta....-:)

    Estou à espera do proximo personagem, quero ver se chega sexta feira... vamos lá ver se tb tens pressa nisso. vamos lá c-----...

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