segunda-feira, 29 de novembro de 2010

WWII Dragon kits - by Carlos Briz

 (WWII Dragon Draisine)

That's right folks, be sure to take out your drool napkins before you look at this stuff!
This guy is not real! Check out the storage shelves in the background...

 WWII Dragon E5(1)

The locomotives are the class BR 01 and class BR 52 "Kriegslok" - German State Railways.

WWII Dragon Karl

It is the first time I see a Karl mortar in it's natural "habitat".

By the way, I heard some rumors mentioning that there were serious technical obstacles regarding the placement of  replies in the comment section, to the profound and interesting challenges I usually place around here. 
I think I fixed that (or not...); therefore, there is still time for you to place a reply to the pending challenge!


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