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Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Jerboa

 (German Hummel battery)

With the cooperation of our friend Jerboa (a.k.a Portugal's-foremost-wargames-guru) we are going to start a series of posts related to the Ambush Blitz wargames event, scheduled for next September, in Espinho.

The purpose is to make a description related to the several scenarios that are being tested for the upcoming event, destined to not only provide balanced army lists, but also to test the praticability of the fullfilment of the necessary objectives required to achieve victory points.

Here we have some pics related to Table 2 (Kursk-Bogoroditskoye Scenario)

In the first pic, the German player deployed a German Hummel battery to the rear of the initial setup, intending to wreak havoc on the opposing forces, with the power of it's 150 mm guns.

(composite German unit: 1 Panzer III M and 1 Panzer IV J)

Here we have a composite unit, from the SS Leibstandarte Division, with the skirted armour that was much used in this particular battle by the German side.
Jerboa intends to use a representation proportion of about 1:14 in this campaign, in order to provide a realistic and pratical approach to the campaign.

(German armour unit in support of armoured infantry in the next hex)

In this particular test, Soviet infantry placed in cover along a river ridge praticaly decimated the German infantry, since the armoured unit that was suposed to support it (made of a Panzer III and a Panzer IV) made a no-show.

(StuG IV - Headquarters)

The Headquarters are an important part of the Ambush Blitz rules, and it's placing must be correctly made in order to provide the necessary comand and control to the several combat units placed in the scenario.

(Soviet T34's and anti-tank battery)

Detail of the initial Soviet position. The infantry is in hiding, in a "ambush at will" mode. This way the Soviet player does not have to reveal the placing of the unit, unless a German unit enters it's ZOC (zone of control, meaning one of the sorrounding hexes) or choses to make a surprise attack on a passing enemy unit.

Stay tuned, since there are more like this coming up!


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