domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (9)

Yup, it's more of the same guys!

Here you can have another perspective of how ML turns paper into art.

As far as I can tell, the process is as follows:

Every part is first designed to scale, using a computer program. 

Then, every part is printed in ordinary paper, numbered and/or referenced for further use.

Every thin paper part is then cut, glued to a thicker paper card and assembled according to plan.

A paper building is at the same time light, and easy to assemble.

Every storey of the building is removable, allowing the placing of infantry units, that will get a protection bonus if placed inside a BUA.

Once again, the size of this hex allows for further use of this building in an Ambush Blitz rules scenario, as ordered by JMM.


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  1. Excellent paper modeling, and end product. I wish him all the best in this endeavor.