sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Paper Artwork nº 13 - by Mário Laranja

Ok, now things are picking up!

Here we have another outstanding original-scratchbuilt-home-made paper model, from good old ML.

When you thought you had seen it all, here comes ML with another brand new PAPER model.

Great pics, as usual!

(JMM and JP :  you guys really have to learn something from this...)

And once again, this is a custom and wargamer friendly model.

We should ask Jerboa to bring out an Ambush Blitz scenario that includes the possibility of an assault on this, by special forces.

By the way, Jerboa has also promised to stop all his hospital work and suspend all his family responsabilities, in order to send us lot's of pics related to Ambush Blitz scenarios.

Do not forget this promise dude, it is too late to back down now!

Now ML is really close to CB, concerning modelling output sent here.

But I am afraid CB has already some more surprises coming up...

Stay tuned!


7 comentários:

  1. This is too sweet to be a paper model. (:)= !! Wonderful work!

  2. Na! isto de pintar kits de resina e dizer que é de papel não é justo!

    1. Se o JF diz que é papel, então é mesmo papel, carago!

    2. I know it's paper, and it is so wonderfully done that it looks more "real-life" than plastic or resin! Absolutely amazing!

    3. That's right Jay, don't mind JP - he's just jealous...

  3. It's paper and card.
    ML is starting to build a business with is scratch scenics and buildings.

    Just stay tunned!!