sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

The Making of WWII & Locomotives Series nº 53


After thousands of requests from our trusted followers from all around the world, we finally convinced CB and ML to let you all in on their secrets.

And now here you have them!

We are going to show (in a series of 3 posts) all the planning that took place before the final result was achieved in this outstanding dio.

Once upon a time there was a something called a CAD, that is a computer program that does things that, I must confess, are quite beyond my limited comprehension.

Then, that "thing" evolved to a tridimensional "thing" - there is surely a technical term for this, that I will disclose to you if and when I figure it out.

This is the stuff that ML learned how to do when he worked for NASA (in his previous incarnation...).

As you can see, all the details of this dio were planned and programmed in advance - something that most modellers just cannot bring themselves to do.

Stick around and you will get a chance to glimpse some more goodies like these real soon.


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