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The One Day Campaign - Battle Report!

Jerboa knew full well that there was a risk involved in the invitation of the Brigada Tripeira combat team to participate in the One Day Campaign tournament, scheduled for the last weekend.
And events proved him right!
Our 3 hour drive to Lisbon gave us a lot of time to plan the game strategy and even allowed for some target practice by our panzer units.
The result: we swept through the tournament like the Northern Horde of old, conquering the available prize.

By the way: Jerboa, we are still waiting for you to send us the prize, since due to some unpredictable twist of fate you did not have it with you at the time.
There is no problem, we trust you on that.
But you should know there is a interest rate involved: you have to "pay" a class 3 AFV for every month delay in sending the prize.

As usual, the games were held in a spirit of fair play and everybody had a good time. Each player performed three games within the six available scenarios, playing alternately with an army from the Axis and Allied. From the Axis side all the players chose the Germans, on the Allied side there were English, Soviet, French and USA armies.

Enough small talk - here are some pics from the event:

Table 2 - Across the River
In this scenario, there was the possibility for one of the players to do a thing called "ambush at will", that translates more or less as the possibility given to the player to reveal his (outnumbered) ambushed units when and where it suited him. JF learned the hard way that this was a very tough scenario.

Table 1 - Total Engagement
PC had a very enjoyable game in this table with Filipe Martins, who is a very tough opponent. Fortunately, justice was served with a victory, in the end, by PC ;-)
You can clearly see that the hand in the lower right corner of this pic belongs to PC...

Table 3 - Hill 122
We must apologise for the number and the quality of the photos; in our defense we can say that they are exclusive and unique photos, taken at the risk of life and limb, with a hidden camera, while our opponents were not looking.

Finnaly, the Brigada Tripeira combat team would like to thank the organizers of this outstanding wargames event, particularly Jerboa, Pargana and the Myrdinn Magic store owner for providing the space, and to all our good friends from the south that attended, for the excellent time we had (and for the prize...).

"until the next round... "


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