terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

Spanish Civil War Exhibition - by Carlos Briz

Ok, now we know why CB has been missing his delivery schedule - modelling wise.

He has been working very hard on a thematic exhibition related to the Spanish Civil War, that is taking place in a great wargaming and modelling store located in Lisbon: Quitécnica

This is and always must be an important side to wargaming and modelling: making a contribution to the disclosure and preservation of historical heritages.

As we all know by now, CB devotes a lot of time and effort to this activity, and here we have him in the act of allowing public acess to some of his outstanding dios. 

Great dios coupled with great historic propaganda posters from the SCW.

What more can a guy ask?

Is there any modeller/wargamer out there who can do without a lot of good historic books?

I do not think so...

CB is very thorough when it comes to the historic accuracy of the locomotives, figures, buildings, and models portrayed in his dios - as any modeller who truly knows and enjoys his "business" should be.

Ok CB: this one gave you a lot of "points" and now you and ML are tied again in the current competition.

Therefore, in any of you guys wants to get another advantage you should keep up the good work and send us some more goodies a.s.a.p.!

The final prize will be worth it!

(Prize? Did I really say "prize"?)


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