terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 38 - by Carlos Briz

(Class BR 65 locomotive - German State Railways)

I figure there is a competition going on over here!

Carlos does not want people to think that ML is the only guy who can stay awake all night, producing outstanding dios.

My guess is that he is thinking he can do the same thing or even better!

Well, alI I can say is I will wait and see which one of you guys sends more great pics and only then will I let you know my  opinion...

The Wiberlwind looked good and was even very effective as a close support weapon for the infantry, when necessary.

(Class Mikado 141 1-4-1 locomotive - French National Railways)

This dio here represents an attack by the French Resistance against German critical war supplies.

There were many brave French men and women that sacrificed a lot during the German occupation period, in the name of freedom, but there was also a large majority of the population that accepted the status quo.

However, in the end of the war almost everybody claimed to be a maquisard...

By the way, for months now that JF has been thinking of a proper nickname to give Carlos, since every BT member has one.

The problem was that he just couldn't make up his mind, since he wanted to think of something original and unique.

But the only thing he could think of was "CB".

Well CB, this is your brand new nickname. 

It is not very original, but this is what came out of JF's meditation.

Everybody knows that cops do not have that much imagination...


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  1. your stuff is always great looking and highly inspirational. i love the blend between mrr and miniature wargaming (dioramas, actually in this case). thanks for posting, i enjoy your images tremendously.

  2. Thanks for your comment Herrodadog! It's great to have people appreciate what we post around here, since we sure enjoy doing it!

  3. Really love the Resistance / trainwreck diorama! Great stuff as usual!