segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2011

Ford Truck 1/25 Scale - by Mário Laranja

And here we have another groundbreaking moment, modelling wise!

This is a scratchbuilt model, made by our good friend Mário Laranja, from Algarve.

I will personally garantee a serious prize in any of you guys guesses in what material this outstanding model is made of!

Ok, don't bother. 
I already know that nobody believes me and no guessing would be made (by any other than JMM, that is, since this guy never misses an oportunity to guess his way around...) by our loyal followers.

The material this fine model is made of is simply PAPER!

Great job Mário!
(just don't leave the model near a fireplace...not that you would need one in Algarve, for sure)


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