sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

Second Anglo-Boer War & Locomotives Series nº 2 - by Carlos Briz

(Armoured carriage)

Now that everyone had stepped into 2011, we wish you and your families a truly wonderful New Year, that I think we all wish will bring mostly good things.

(Armoured locomotive)

And a good thing to start the New Year with would be to reply to the challenge posted in 20 December: the guy involved was Jim Wallwork, a member of the Glider Pilot Regiment whose outstanding feat is mentioned in Stephen E. Ambrose fine book "Pegasus Bridge".
I think Jim is still with us, and hopefully in good health.


3 comentários:

  1. WoW!! You have a great production rate!! Two more excellent little dios.
    Happy new yar to you and your family

  2. Thanks Paul
    We wish you a very happy new year too.

  3. Very stunning!In the 1960s my dad would speak to old Boer War veterans who were twenty year old soldiers in the war.

    I was very fortunate to visit the place where Winston Churchill escaped from prison. It is situated behind the Natural History Museum in Pretoria.

    The national military museum has nice left over weapons. Have you ever visited South Africa? You would enjoy a battlefield tour!

    Anyway have a Happy New Year!