terça-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2011

The "Best General" poll (8)

Well, my friends, I must confess I HAVE A DREAM!
Before you guys start mumbling that I am out of my mind (and the truth is that maybe I am, mainly after knowing the results from our recent national elections...), I have to mention that my dream is related to a participation in an ACW reenactment in the USA, where all those fine musquets almost never missfire, and where you can find regiments in the field with about 1.000 guys in them, and battles with well over 10.000 participants.
And of course, I would only consider a participation on the Confederate side, since my guess is that there is where a guy can have more fun!

As our recent poll revealed, Robert E. Lee is still considered the best general around, receiving 24 votes.
In the second place we have a tie: Sherman and Jackson, with an astonishing number of 17 votes each.
In third we have Grant. By the way, who was this guy Grant? Oh, he was the guy that won the war!
However, he did not make it over 13 votes this time. Better luck next time...

Ok, now I have to chose the theme for the next "Best General" poll, and my inspiration is not very...inspired.

Tips and suggestions on that regard are welcome.


2 comentários:

  1. Why not "the best general of all Times", or the best general of ww I, Seven Years War, 100 years war, Crimean war, ....-:)

  2. Ganda Miguel! Então escolhe lá tu uma destas opções: guerra 7 anos; guerra 100 anos; guerra da Crimeia; guerra do Vietnam; guerras Púnicas