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Current Poll: "The most iconic WWII warship"

I am sorry, but I could not resist the temptation to make some lobbying related to our current poll, since the scale is already tipping on the side of the Bismark.

Above you can see a pic of the Bismark, that truly reveals it's size...big size.

The sinking of the Bismark remains as an example of a sea battle fought to the bitter end, as the Germans refused to surrender, even after they were unable to fight back.  

It was ultimately sunk by it's sailors.

The USS Enterprise deserves a better score in this poll guys!

This ship was involved in almost every major sea battle in the Pacific, during WWII, and contributed to the sinking of dozens of Japanese ships (ok, our Japanese followers are excused of voting for it...)

On the other hand, they can vote for the Yamato!

The heaviest and most powerfull ship built during WWII surely deserves a few extra votes. This ship remains as a strong cultural reference in Japan.

And how about the Sevastopol?

This ship has yet to receive a single vote, and that just is not fair!

This ship received  the Order of the Red Banner, in July 1945, in recognition for it's wartime record, although I think it could also receive the "ship-who-changed-name-most-often" prize

The sight of a U-Boat gives you the creeps!

The problem was that most of it's targets, during WWII, never even had the benefit of seeing it, and only a large "boom!" signaled it's presence.

Let's go guys, pump up those votes for the ships that truly deserve them!


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