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Battlegroup Overlord - Part IV

The Sherman is "Kaputt"!
There you have it, the generals from the BT (special) Combat Team made another appearance in a "Flames of War" wargames event, in order to show them how real armour moves!

This was another great event, organized by our friend Mr. Simão, from MARSIGOR, that brought a lot of people to it, including (once again...) our friend João Especial, from Lisbon.

That's right João, this event allows for at least a "once-a-year" reunion between us!

JF (the seated guy) explaining the rules to a new Brigada Tripeira member

Another guy (in the background) cheking the rules book.

PC (left) is the British Para commander. JF (center) as as a supervisor. Rove (stand up right) is the German SS Commander

A general view

JF explaining the rules to a wargames rookie

Dangerous terrain

The dice marking one game objective

The game table (1,80 x 1,50m) for a 600pts game, and the British entry side

The German entry side

A squad in hard cover. Just check the "Achilles" in ambush position (all buildings from Kerr and King)

More ambushed units

The germans units on move (in the background a FOW tournament!!).

More ambushed units, PIAT included (left)!

So many wreckage & burning!

PC and the smile of someone who is winning the game!

The German commander (black t-shirt) and is "aide de camp" in trouble... ooops!

House to house combat.

JF (left) and PC (right), are some of the senior Brigada Tripeira members

These two guys, together with JMM, have already a lot of wargames battles under their belts, fought  in Spain (Pontevedra), France (Angouleme), Italy (Milan and Rome), the United Kingdom (twice in Farnborough) and Portugal (all over the place, really...) over the years.



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