segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2013

Cold War Locomotives & War - Thailand 1958

(Class Mikado 141 locomotive - Thailand State Railways)

Oh well, that Bearcat fighter crashed, but at least it did not burn!

The Bearcat fighter airplane did not exit the assembly line in time to make a contribution during WWII, but it sure went on to become a major asset for the US Navy and Marine Corps, during the conflicts that occurred afterwards.

Here we have another set of the batch of the one million plus palm trees that CB bought a while ago for less than a euro...

This post has been in our blog-production-line for a few weeks now and JF has been nagging me to place it for a long time, but only now was I able to do it.

Who knew I would end up acquiring some of the working habits that are caracteristic of the guys that work in public service...


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  1. Quantos trabalhos magnificos! Estou admirado com a qualidade e criatividade. Meus parabéns e saudaçoes aqui do Brasil. - Juliano