sábado, 9 de junho de 2012

Custom made Russian Village 1/144 mm - by Orange Scenics (1)

Here we have another great PAPER project ML is working on: a russian village, ordered by another crazy portuguese guy.

This is how the Master works: it all starts with a 3D computer design, where the dimensions and overall outlook are defined.

As you can notice, this viillage is also destined to fit a full size hex from kallistra, that we use in the Ambush Blitz wargames rules.

I honestly confess that I cannot figure out how this guy can make this in 1/144 scale, in PAPER, and, on top of it, make it fit a 10 cm hex!

There must be only one explanation: this guy is a GENIUS!

ML: all these good words surely deserve some kind of reward.

We'll talk about it later...


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  1. Muito agradecido por todos os elogios.
    Espero então pela conversa mais tarde ;)