segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Current Poll - The best place to visit in Portugal!

Well, I have to agree with you in the sense that the current poll is pretty much one-sided.

But the fact is that we just can't help it. We LOVE the place where we live in: PORTO!

For those of you that do not know it yet, the name of our wargames and modelling club is inspired in our beatiful city. The inhabitants of the Porto region are called over here by the nickname "tripeiros", that translates more or less as "tripe eaters".

Sounds strange, huh?

They say that that nickname was originated in 1415, by the time of the first portuguese expedition to north Africa (Ceuta), when our good King John the First asked that every region in Portugal contribute stuff to that memorable event. Well, it seems that one of the things he asked of Porto was food.
It so happens that our ancestors gave all the food they had for that, and kept only the animal tripes, that since then  became our favourite delicacy.

You have to taste it to know what I mean...

Here is what the poet says of the guys from Porto (terrible translation, as usual...):

"The Porto dweller does not appreciate Lisbon. He does not appreciate the police. He does not appreciate authority. He takes back on authority by despising it. He takes back of the police by resisting it. He takes back on Lisbon by giving its visitors the most gentle hospitality, mixed with bizarre behavior"

It sounds better in portuguese...


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  1. Já não bastave o pinto da costa a influenciar resultados, temos agora tb a BT...