quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War Series nº 21 - by Carlos Briz

(Class S 3/6 locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

Here they are, two brand new dioramas by Carlos Briz, coupled with two outstanding J Minis buildings, created and developed by these expert modelers, Jorge Faria and Mário Laranja!

As you can see, Carlos in always hard at work, never missing out on quality stuff to include on his fine dios!

The Pfalz D.III came late in the war, but did not receive a good welcome by the Luftstreitkräfte personnel that was forced to handle it. 
It was what you could call a "flying coffin"...

(Class S 3/6 locomotive - Bavarian State Railways)

The Roland CII you see over here was used for reconnaisance purposes, but was not very popular with the pilots, due to its poor handling.


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