sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011


Here we have PC and JMM.

JMM, in his usual style, is complaining that the hexes on his wargames table are bigger than those in the other guys tables...what an imagination.

This is the Italian army JMM brought to the tournament 
(Divisione Fanteria Motorizzata 101 "Trieste")

We all agreed that JMM had some of the best good looking stuff around the tables. 
Who could have guessed that a painting nerd could turn into a master!
Avanti Afrika!

This is the army used by JF 
(7th Armoured Division)

This is table nº 2, where my DAK forces (15th Panzer Division) kicked the "dust" off Jerboa's forces.

These were all JMM's models, who painted and completed this army and then borrowed it to me, to allow my participation in the tournament.
Thanks again for this, dude!

Here we have Vitor Hugo and Miguel Santos exchanging "friendly fire" on table nº 4.

PC is enjoying an overview over one of the battlefields

Rules book, dice, figures, terrain, wargaming board: these are all the ingredients a guy needs to enjoy a perfect day!

We want to thank once again Jerboa and all our southern friends for a great event. It was a "satisfaction garanteed" kind of thing and you guys can always count on us to show up on your doorstep when you organize something like this.

The Ambush Blitz rules set are perfect for a tournament environment, allowing smooth and fast games, where a guy can practice his wargames tactical hability (or lack of it...) and have a good time.


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