quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

SOVIET INFANTRY 10/12mm - in What´s in the Box 2

Yes, it's true I bring you a new surprise in my box.

The Box
 Fresh from the painting stand I present you my Soviet Infantry [they belong to my URSS army (Inf Coys) that I use with the Ambush Blitz rules set]. They are eager to face  their opponents.

Russian Infantry (29 bases)
Riflemen (from Pendraken and WGS)

Normal Infantry Coy (Ambush Blitz rules)

Support Weapons (Maxims and AT Rifles)

Naval Infantry

Soviet razvedchik scout and sniper
Nice work indeed, it covers a wide range of services and types of infantry, but I have to be honest - it was not me who painted them but my very good friend JPeixoto from Coimbra , the same who painted my Sassanid army some time ago  (you may see his excellent work on his blog - see the link below at jp wargaming place).

I don´t have a good camera so the images do not reflect the true quality of his work, however I must take this opportunity  to publicly thank his help in painting my army since I didn´t have the time to finish this project, that was to be used in a previous AB Campaign/tournment.

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  1. This tells me that a lot of whinning and sobbing really works. Maybe now you will leave JP alone for a while.
    By the way, JP now it's my turn to have some stuff painted!