segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

WWII D DAY Series nº 1 - by Carlos Briz

 (Sherman Calliope)

We are starting another Series of outstanding pics, fresh from Carlos Briz treasure chest.

I have to say that most pics do not do justice to Carlos wonderful art-work, who we had the pleasure to meet for the first time last weekend in Lisbon.

He brought some of his stuff over and everybody could realize that most of the details of the models and the fine painting details are not clearly captured by the camera - in spite of that, the result is still great!

Thanks for your trouble Carlos, and congrats once again for your fantastic art-work!

 (DUKW "Donald Duck")

(Higgins Boat)

If Carlos is interested in putting up with us, maybe early next year we could organize a trip to his place, and take a good look at all the priceless stuff he has lying around there.

In that case, I must remember to bring along the same "drool napkin" that I usually take with me when I go to Coimbra to visit Peixoto's outstanding model collection.


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