terça-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2013

The Brigada Tripeira Christmas Reunion!

Well, here you have them, all the BT members together in one place for the first time EVER!


Not really, when you know that we have guys from Porto, Coimbra, Torres Novas, Palmela and Algarve, all in the same group.

Here you have them, in person (from left to right): Jorge Faria (http://obrigadeiro.blogspot.pt/) - Mário Laranja (http://orange-scenics.blogspot.pt/) - Carlos Briz - Mário Peneda - Pedro Casimiro - João Pedro Peixoto (http://jpwargamingplace.blogspot.pt/) - Miguel Mendes.

Here we have one of the most prolific modellers in all of Portugal!  Carlos Briz

And here you have another masterpiece he brought for the guys to check out in person.

Vehicles - Heli- Shapeways (3d Print) / Figures - Pendraken (Falkland War series)

This dio is related to the portuguese colonial wars, in Africa, where CB places some of the most iconic pieces of hardware used at the time.

Check out that vehicle, custom made (as all the other models placed here in the dio) in a 3D Printer!

And now guys, get ready for the piece de resistance: 

João Peixoto "Man Cave"!

As you know, this guy lives in Coimbra, and, together with CB, has one biggest wargames and modelling colections in Portugal!

Let's start with this model, related to the island of Tarawa

And where did JP buy all this stuff, you ask?

Nowhere: it's ALL scratch-built!


Above you have the artist himself, pointing and saying: I did that, and that, and that, and that...

CB is wondering: I have to improve my (already considerable) output, if  I want to catch up with this guy...

Mário Laranja is staring (mouth wide open...) at the walls - what else can a guy do in this place?

All the nerds together in the same place, sharing the dialect that only modellers and wargamers understand...

ALL the figures exhibited are painted to the highest standard, related to pratically EVERY historic period.

ALL 30.000 + of them, that is....

A model of Minas Tirith  (Lord of the Rings) - scratch-built, of course...

And more figures...

And more figures...

Warships, airplanes and landing crafts, all in the same place.


JP has SEVERAL armoured divisions stationed in his "Man Cave"

I just do not know how he manages to feed all those guys...

The proud owner, and the jealous visitors...

Unassembled models boxes?

Yes, there are hundreds of them there, some related to rare and discontinued models.

Mário Peneda just stares...

Lord of the Rings: Uruk-Hai and Troll's

More stuff from hobbit land

An Oliphant (from Lord of the Rings) and Portuguese "Caravelas" (XV century)

The Samurai collection!

JP Samurai armies were a sight for sore eyes - that was how our eyes already were, at that time...

More armour.

Several 1/72 scale landing crafts, related to WWII - ALL scratch-built

JP is not content with scratch-building these boats: he feels obliged to FILL them with armoured units!

JMM and MP checking out a 1/72 scale WWII patrol boat - guess what: scratch-built!

Here you have JP again, teaching us poor guys how he does things that we will never be able to do ourselves.

Never mind: this only shows that he is a bigger NERD than the rest of us...


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