quinta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2013

The Brigada Tripeira Christmas Reunion (2)

Nope, this post is note dedicated to the "WWII Locomotives & War Series"

This post is dedicated to create many JEALOUS followers out there!

Here we bring you all the dios that Carlos Briz made on purpose and brought to our reunion, as christmas GIFTS for the rest of US!

But he was not the only good soul present, since JP also painted and OFFERED each of us a wonderfull cavalry figure, related to the Napoleonic Period - but somehow JF forgot to take the necessary pics.

Are these guys real, you ask? 

Yes they are!

All you can do is: look at them and weep...

These are some of the benefits we have as BT members!

I'm still wondering what CB's and JP's benefits are...

This one was MY treat!

And this dio was JMM's treat.

But this one has a story to it, that I want to share with the world:

As you can expect, when we saw all the goodies CB brought and what he planned to do with them (offer them to us...YES!), all the guys started to line up and share envious stares at each other, wondering who would be the first to choose.

The more rational guys among us decided to make some sort of lotery, to sort out by chance which dio belonged to each guy, and avoid the inevitable bickering.

But at that moment JMM stepped in and said: 


"I am the first one to choose and I choose THAT one!"

"That one is mine, mine, ALL MINE!"

I can assure all of you that these were his exact words. We became frozen and, I must confess, a little scared of him, and we said: 

"It's alright JMM, you can calm down now, we will give you that dio and then you can go home and play with it"

And that settled it...


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