sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012

The Brigada Tripeira dream team in action!

The Brigada Tripeira dream team is always on the move!

This time we (JF and myself) moved lock, stock and barrel to the Maia Forum  (a place near the city of Porto), since we received an invitation from our good friend  Mr. Simão, to attend a wargames event that was using a rules sistem that I think is called "FOW", or something like that...

That's for the invitation Mr. Simão!

Well, since we wanted to show all those guys how real hard-core wargamers operate, we took some "brand new" wargames rules called "Crossfire" (well, they were new to most of the other guys anyway...), and used it in a 1/144 (or 10/12mm) scenario.

It was all good fun for us, and a good excuse to show all the other guys how a real wargames table should look like.

Houses (above) and ruined Cathedral (below) painted by our great friend JP 

This is all JF's artwork!

As usual, JF's army took a severe beating from my troops.

Here you can see some of his tanks bursting into flames...

The church and graveyard are ML's artwork 

And here he is, the artist himself!

JF grew a beard to pass as incognito in this event...

Here you have me (PC) saying to the other guys: "bring them on"!

Since nobody came, we considered it a clear win for our side...

Look what the cat dragged in!

That's right, we met a guy from Lisbon that we had not seen for a long time: our friend João Especial!

It sure was great to see João again, who was attending this event as a FOW player and who is a member of AJSP wargames association, in Lisbon.

Back when we started in the wargaming "business", we attended several wargames events in Lisbon, organized by our good friends from the AJSP and maybe one of these days it will be possible to participate in an event over there again, since we sure miss all the great moments we enjoyed there.

Best regards to all our friends in Lisbon!


5 comentários:

  1. wuao , fantastica demostracion de escenografia , perfecto!!
    un buen sembrado para plantar las miniaturas.

  2. Great terrain and sounds like good game


  3. Nice looking game!
    I'll be staying just outside of Porto for a week in April. Any games scheduled? ;0)

    1. Hi Bill!
      Let us know (by placing a "reply" in the first post of the blog) when you arrive in Porto, and we will set something up for you in a weekend, maybe related to WWII (in 1/144 or 1/72 scale). We have stuff to borrow.

  4. Very nice game.

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