quinta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2012

Orange Scenics Products (15mm & 20mm Buildings) - by Mário Laranja

Nope, the pic above is not from a 50 year old newspaper, related to a French village during WWII.

It is from ML's private colection!

That's right, ML is going strong in the construction business (albeit in 15 and 20 mm scale...)!

ML can bring you the best in the business, just check out his website.

The service ML provides is a satisfaction guaranteed kind of thing: superior quality, fair price and a swift service!

And on top of it, you can even customize all the buildings acording to your taste!
(even if you have bad taste...)

Do not miss out on this opportunity, since pretty soon this guy will have his hands full with orders from all over the world!

Besides, we are also planning to start demanding ML a substancial fee related to all the free advertising we place here, related to his outstanding work.

Therefore the more you guys order from him, the more money we are liable to make, doing absolutely nothing!

It's a WIN-WIN situation!


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