domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012

WWI locomotives & War Series - by Carlos Briz

Locomotive - Del Prado
Coaches - Graham Farish
Wagons - Peco and scratch
Figures - Pendraken
Armored car and car, Tanks, Guns - Pendraken
Trucks - 1/144 Skytrex -
Houses - TimeCast
Ship, RRS Discovery - 1/144 Airfix

 (Class 2-2-0 locomotive - Railway Operating Division)

 Here you have it, again!

That´s right guys, seeing it, is believing it: here you haver another monster-of-a-dio, brought to you by the one and only CB!

This is another massive dio, that includes another great steamship and an awsome loading dock scenario, this time related to WWI.

Steam and sails: who knows, maybe sooner than expected this will be trendy again, given the constant rise in the price of oil...

Squeaky clean dock, you say? Nope, it was just fresh cleaned before the arrival of this ship...

Notice the outstanding modelling ship-building wise. 

CB is a master in any modelling challenge!

This was also another dio that CB brought to Espinho for our most recent get-together, and it really looks impressive!

Guess again, if you dare think CB has taken a break after this massive work of art.

There are many more on his drawing board, that sooner than latter will see the light around here.

Stay tuned!


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  1. The Locomotive is a 4-4-0 not a 2-2-0.

    1. When it comes to locomotives, I leave it to the experts...

  2. Details! What company makes what model?

  3. guao


    os agrego a mis best blogs!