domingo, 16 de setembro de 2012

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 60 - by Carlos Briz

Planes Miniwing e FE Resin
Trucks & Jeeps - Minifigs UK
Figures - Magister Millitum
Gaz Jeep - Magister Millitum

(Class Köf locomotive - German State Railways)

He keeps doing it!

That's right guys, here is another outstanding dio from CB, and there are a lot more coming up!

We met CB today in Espinho, together with our good friends from Lisbon, for a great get-together, migled with some great wargaming and some peeking at a great modelling exhibition, organized by our good friends from the Espinho modelling group.

Since we know for sure that you are dying to look at some pics from this event, we will do our best to try and bring them here - just as soon as JF takes the time to unload them from his "pic-machine" and place them on the blog.

Thinking better, this might take some time...


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