quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Making of: Crimean War & Locomotives - by Carlos Briz - final post!

Clin d'Oeil

It's a wrap guys!

All of you can now check the final result of CB's hard work.

That steam boat over there (you know, the one you guys failed to identify...) looks awesome!

A cavalry squadron is always welcome in any dio.


Sure thing, no self-respected XIX century army could do without it!

Gun barrels, boxes, crates, and so much more paraphernalia: the ideal setting for a loading dock.

Congrats for another great dio CB!


If any of you guys wishes to meet the Brigada Tripeira "dream team" in person, you just have to drop-in at the Espinho modelling event, scheduled for September 15th.

I already know for a fact that JF is willing to offer several rounds of FREE DRINKS(1) to all the followers of our blog that turn up in Espinho!

Do not miss out on this oportunity!


(1)disclaimer: the "free drinks" offer is restricted to followers of our blog that look like this.

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