domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

BANZAI – Japanese Onslaught WW2

The Allied forces in the Pacific were devastatingly unprepared for the onslaught of the Japanese Army (1941-42), which by this time had been fighting for ten years on the Manchurian front. 

The Allies were defeated time and time again as the seasoned Japanese forces swept through the Pacific colonies. The Allies paid dearly for their lack of planning and found themselves in an attrition war that swept vast amounts of men, until the ultimate defeat of Japan in 1945.

The minis below are from Pendraken WW2 Japanese range, and I personally considered them the best cast Japanese minis items in 10/12mm. They were based and painted by our well known  master J Peixoto (with the exception of the HQ base), and for me they are simply awesome.

HQ base (Japanese landing)
Attack at dusk (Palm trees by pendraken)
The invasion force (37 inf bases)

Type 92 MMG Team

Type 97 20 mm Auto ATR Team

Foot AT - Lunge charge and Pionners - pole charge

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  1. O amigo Faria têm toda a razão,um espectáculo :)

  2. Só falta mesmo é jeito ao fotografo...
    Tenho de pedir ao ML para dar um curso rápido de fotografia aos murcões do JMM e JP