terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011

The "Best General" poll (12)

Well guys, this poll is set to be a showdown between Alexander and Napoleon that are, without a shadow of a doubt, two of the most appealing characters in the history of warfare.
The truth is that they had a very similar and effective kind of leadership, that managed to bring out the absolute best from the "rank and file".
For instance, both of them had a prodigious memory and remebered many individual names of their best soldiers. 
Both of them distributed generous rewards to simple soldiers that proved their valour in combat. 
Before a battle, Alexander rode through the front line of his troops, calling out loud the names of his bravest soldiers, inciting the rest to emulate them.

For a brief moment I became serioulsy worried about the chances of victory of the "Other" guy, who even now has 12% of votes.

In fact, I am very curious to know who the "Other" guy might be! 

I can even understand a few votes in Rommel or Genghis Khan, but in the "Other" guy?

How can the "Other" guy compete with Alexander, I wonder?


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