quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2015

Battlegroup Demo Game at Espimodel 2015

The Brigada Tripeira were at Espimodel 2015, and performed another Battlegroup demo game.

Brits vs Germans
Overlord Book

German Reece units, probing the terrain.

PC is the British player. He as a badass look! Grrrrrr...
Let them come...

JMM as the German player.
Moving is recce unit

The germans conquer the principal objective.

The German side of the table.
German reinforcements arrived.

The British unit advancing.

Waiting in ambush, hoping to surprise the Brits tanks.

The Firefly makes a move and fires.
The target is obscured behind the bushes.

And a hit, bye bye kraut!

And the battle goes on and ends with a British victory.
Sorry guys, no more game pics, I ran out of battery in the camera!!


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