sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2014

Christmas Presents to the Brigada Tripeira members!

Once again, this year we scheduled a meeting in the city of Coimbra, for the anual lunch between the Brigada Tripeira members, since, as you know, we have guys from several parts of Portugal and it is not easy to get all of us together in one place often. 

And guess what: Santa Claus also came to town!

Thats right guys, once again the members of our group received their anual membership benefit, translated in several outstanding dios, given by our private Santa Claus, a,k.a. Carlos Briz!

And here you have some pics related to the dios that CB offered us: put out your napkins and drool all you want...

This one was JMM's gift

This one is mine, mine, all mine!

JP got this one.

Well, this year JMM did not resort to his usual whining, in order to get his hands on the dio he wanted

My guess is that he is still embarassed by the scene he made last year...


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