domingo, 23 de novembro de 2014

ModelMaia 2014 (2nd Edition)

Battlegroup demo game (15mm).
Fall Of The Reich scenario.

That's right, this year our group was once again invited to attend this fantastic event (modelling exhibition and competition), sponsored by the Maia municipality and Marsigor and organized by our friends from the IMPS-Maia.

Congratulations to all those involved in the organization in this great event!

As usual, our "job" was to promote wargaming, and maybe try to bring to our hobby a few geeks from the modelling business.

We are still using the outstanding Battlegroup rules, related to WWII, for two main reasons:

a) These are really great rules, allowing for realistic wargaming at the tactical level, within a reasonable time frame; and (as important...)

b) JF is still in the mood of buying, painting and lending us all the soldiers, tanks and terrain necessary for wargaming...

You are a SAINT JF!!!

(here you can see our private saint, below, left side)

Aqui podemos ver alguns elementos da Brigada Tripeira a trocar tiros à mesa de jogo.

Fantastic models and fantastic scenarios! Thanks JF!

Aqui podemos ver o PC com o ar preocupado de quem está a levar um enxerto de porrada no jogo...

The built-up areas allowed for a fun and realistic use of infantry units

Check out these two great Churchill tanks!

The game objective

CB brought a lot of his models to this show, as you can see, that were a great addition to the show.

José Brito workshop
(a lot of geeks in one spot...)

Ti-67 tank - 1/35 scale
(JF unfinished diorama)


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