terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2014

WWII Locomotives & War nº 93 - by Carlos Briz

Vehicles and Figures - Wargames-South

(Class RSR locomotive - USSR State Railways)

Well, at long last CB!

I was almost thinking that you had packed your paint brushes and retired or something, since it has been almost a month since you last sent us some pics. 

On the other hand, this could also be JF's fault, since it is also probable that this guy has kept the pics hidden, and forgot to post them on the blog...I am the only guy in the BT that never forgets anything...

In this dio there are several examples of US-made hardware that was delivered to the Red Army, during WWII.

Although it turned out that the above pictured tank was not very much appreciated by the russian tank crews, that nicknamed it "grave for seven brothers", due to it's propensity to catch fire when it by enemy shells.

This is another great dio CB!

Let's hope the next one takes less time to be delivered...after all, you are already retired!


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